Restorations Provided at the dental office of Lindley Morse Zerbe, DDS in Monterey

Our teeth are constantly exposed to harmful bacteria and they continuously withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It is difficult to prevent all forms of damage; however, there is a treatment solution for virtually every dental condition. The office of Lindley Morse Zerbe, DDS, takes personal pride in restoring health and beauty to your smile. Serving people in Monterey and the surrounding communities, both Dr. Zerbe and Dr. Richey are highly skilled and talented dentists who enjoy working with you to create a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Aesthetic Cavity Treatment

Bacteria consumes the food particles left on tooth surfaces and this process can release an acid that corrodes teeth, causing a cavity that needs immediate attention. The traditional treatments of silver fillings have been replaced with tooth colored fillings that are durable and more natural looking. Made of composite resin, these fillings are seamlessly and securely bonded to teeth and matched to the color of surrounding dentition. They also require less removal of a tooth’s original structure and contain no toxic metals, which makes them a conservative and healthy favorite of patients and dentists. 

Preserve the Form and Function of Your Teeth with Root Canal Therapy and Lustrous Crowns 

If a cavity reaches a tooth’s inner chamber or pulp, Dr. Zerbe or Dr. Richey will recommend root canal therapy. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp, preventing the infection from spreading. Many people fear root canals, but they actually alleviate toothache pain, preserve form and function, and prevent tooth loss. 

Following root canal therapy or decay removal, prosthetic crowns are placed over a tooth to protect it and allow you to bite with full force. Porcelain crowns are designed to the precise dimensions and color of your natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime when cared for properly.

Same Day Restorations Provided with CEREC Technology 

Dr. Zerbe and Dr. Richey have CEREC technology to fabricate your restoration immediately, allowing you to complete your treatment more quickly.  Using CEREC technology, a computer-generated image provides exact specification to a milling machine in our office, where your fabrication is precisely designed.  

Treatment Options for Tooth Loss 

There are several ways prosthetics can replace teeth:

  • Dental implant restorations use titanium posts implanted into the jaw bone and topped with an aesthetic crown. This returns full function and lifelike beauty to your smile that is superior to all other tooth replacement options. 
  • Fixed Bridges first cap adjacent teeth with crowns, and then a prosthetic pontic tooth is glued to the supporting teeth to fill in the missing gap. The entire bridge is matched to neighboring teeth and provides form and function to your smile. 
  • Dentures and partial dentures are removable acrylic appliances that rest on top of the gums. Adhesive paste can secure the dentures to the gums, or metal hooks can be made to clasp partial dentures onto neighboring teeth. Dentures are non-invasive and can restore many of the functions of natural teeth. 

Dr. Zerbe and Dr. Richey Restore Health and Beauty to Smiles in Monterey
Our professional team provides you high quality care that restores your oral health and preserves the beauty of your smile. No matter what condition your teeth are in now, we can work with you to bring back their strength and improve your confidence.  Give Dr. Zerbe and Dr. Richey a call today for compassionate and expert dental care.