Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Dental implant restorations are an amazing way to restore full function and natural appeal to your smile. Implant posts are permanently integrated into the jaw bone, and lifelike prosthetic restorations are attached to the implant posts. 

Dr. Zerbe and Richey provide implant-supported removable dentures in Monterey for patients visiting from surrounding communities. With accurate placement of implant posts and attractive overdentures, the natural function and beauty of your smile is restored.

What are Removable Overdentures?

Implant-supported overdentures consist of synthetic gum tissue made of acrylic that is matched to your gums and pearly white prosthetic crowns that are lustrous and lifelike. The prosthetic dentures clip securely onto an implant-supported frame. In some cases, we can even retrofit traditional dentures to attach to dental implants. Overdentures are removed daily for proper cleaning of the gums and the appliance.   

Several Advantages of Implant Supported Overdentures 

Overdentures have several advantages. Because they rely on fewer implant posts, they are less invasive and require minimal time spent healing from surgery. They are more affordable than other implant-supported restorations since they rely on the support of only four to six implant posts. The posts equally distribute support of the overdenture into the jaw bone.  

Another advantage of overdentures is that they eliminate the need for preliminary bone graft treatments. Many people who have lost a full arch of teeth undergo a process called advanced resorption, resulting in significant bone loss in the jaw. For those with bone loss, the posts are placed at an angle in the jaw. This increases their contact with the bone and maximizes their strength. 

Bone loss also causes cheeks and lips to take on a sunken appearance. Overdentures can be built up to restore fullness to your facial structure. The implant posts can also regenerate bone growth and prevent resorption from progressing. 

The Dental Office of Lindley Morse Zerbe DDS in Monterey Provides Removable Overdentures

Overdentures avoid the use of messy adhesive paste, soreness in the gum tissue, embarrassment of slippage, and dietary restrictions. They restore the full force of chewing and aesthetic appeal of natural teeth. 

To learn more about the benefits of removable dentures, contact Dr. Zerbe and Dr. Richey in Monterey. They are experts at both the placement of implant posts and the design of beautiful overdenture prosthetics, and they will give you a smile that both looks and feels fantastic.